Bethel Placement Policy

Advisory School Board Policy

Student Placement and Classroom Assignments

All classrooms will maintain, as much as possible, equal numbers of students and equal proportions of:

1.  Girls and Boys;

2.  Cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity;

3.  Advanced, average, and low developmental proficiencies;

4.  Special needs and behavior issues;

5.  Older and younger children (birthdays before and after February 15)

Conditions for classroom distribution of students may be waived by the site administrator for specific programmatic needs such as special education, developmental appropriateness, and English language development.

If parents have concerns about the compatibility of a specific teacher’s style of instruction and their child’s learning style, the parents may request that their child not be assigned to the teacher’s classroom.  A written request should be submitted to the Site Administrator by August 10.  The administration will grant the request if it can be done without altering the conditions listed above. 

This policy will be distributed by April 15 of each year, and will be made available to parents during Kindergarten enrollment.

LKSD Board of Education Policy 8232 states:  “All grade and class placement of students shall be determined by the site administrator with the assistance of the teachers involved.  Parents shall have the right to appeal grade or class assignment to:  (1) the site administrator, (2) the Advisory School Board, in that order.  The decision of the Advisory School Board shall be binding.”

Revised and adopted:   May 5, 2008

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