Educational Goals

Through the educational program at M.E., our goals are for students to:
1. Develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills…
-in English communication.
-through acquiring an intrinsic value for reading and writing.

2. Examine and use information critically by…
-developing information gathering, reference and study skills.
-learning to read and problem-solve.
-developing critical thinking skills.

3. Develop adaptive life skills by…
-Learning to adapt constructively and creatively in a changing world.
-learning traditional and contemporary local survival skills.
-developing skills in mathematics and natural and social sciences.
-understanding economics and resource management.
-gaining the ability to function in diverse social settings.

4. Develop a sense of self-worth and respect for others by…
-attaining self-awareness and a positive self-image.
-appreciating and respecting the dignity and worth of all individuals.
-practicing conflict resolution, anger management and
problem solving skills.

5. Understand, respect and encourage the preservation of
cultural heritage by…
-taking pride in one's own heritage and developing appreciation for
Yup'ik heritage, language and culture.
-learning about many different peoples and cultures.

6. Develop positive attitudes and personal responsibility by…
-participating in home, school, community, regional, state and
national affairs.
-learning and following the school's rules and procedures.
-practicing self-control, social problem-solving, and other social skills.
-learning to meet challenges with confidence.

7. Develop originality and creative expression by…
-exploring interests and abilities through structured and unstructured
play, art, and other learning activities.
-interacting with new environments, people and ideas.
-participating in music, rhythm and movement.
-being encouraged to use divergent thinking skills.

8. Develop and maintain physical fitness and health-promoting
personal habits.

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