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*Project: Week of May 11th through May 15th*
This week we will write letters as our project. If you want me to post your letter then please email it to
Day 1: Write a letter to Mr. Dhaemers. In the letter tell me what you learned this year. Tell me what you liked the most about first grade. Tell me what you will miss about first grade. Be sure to include the date, Dear Mr. Dhaemers, and Sincerely.
Day 2: Write a letter to your whole class. Write about things we did together as a class (Friday Afternoon showcase, playing, singing etc.) Be sure to include date, Dear Classmates, and Sincerely.  If you want me to post the letter to this webpage then please email it to
Day 3: Write a letter/letters to a classmate/s. If you want me to email it to their parents, then please email it to me. I will not post today's letters on the webpage. Write as many as you want to write.
Day 4: Write a letter to Mrs. LaValle. Write about what you like about M.E. school. Be sure to include the date, Dear Mrs. LaValle, and Sincerely. If you want me to forward the letter to Mrs. LaValle (or put it in the webpage gallery) then please email me to let me know.
Day 5: Write a letter to one (or more) M.E.'s school staff (Mr. Craven, Mrs. Dull, Mrs. Kolbus etc, etc.) Thank them for how they helped you in first grade. Be sure to include date, Dear _____, and Sincerely. If you want me to send or post the letter 
please email me with the letter and directions.
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Phone Calls
Please call, email or leave a Remind message how often you want me to talk to your child on the phone. Some parents prefer only a few calls and others more frequent contact. I miss the kids and I miss seeing them in the classroom. I want to make sure your child knows I am here to help them. We can also set up a Zoom session.

My classroom phone has been forwarded to my home phone.
Please call if you have any questions, need help or just want to say "hi."
Many of you will receive calls this week to practice skills we have been working on in the classroom. Mrs. K will be making the calls.

I just uploaded my first Youtube video. Please visit this link

Daily Read Aloud Lesson


Mad Hair Day

 End of year assessments: The daily work pages this week will give you an idea of how your child is performing on first grade Language arts and Math skills. I will not use these for grading purposes but I would appreciate it if you emailed the results to me so that I can pass along the information to your child's second grade teacher. 

Daily Reading May 15

Dail Math May 15

Parents: if you have not done so already please email me so that I know we are connected and thatI can snd you material

Directions for work/resources can be found in the photo gallery and link page (scroll to my name and click on photo gallery)

Kids-z is a great resource for online leveled books. Directions are found on a page in the photogallery. Go to

Many of you do not have printers at home so I will be adding a page each day, of a few task, that you can copy on scratch paper. You can find this work in the photo gallery (to the left.)