Cultural Day, 1/11/19

ME Cultural Day, 1/11/19
Posted on 12/05/2019
Cultural Diversity

ME School is planning a Cultural Day to learn about the many cultures in our community. Our AK STEPP team, which is basically our school improvement team, developed this idea as a plan for the following standard:

  • School and classroom environments reflect respect for all students and cultures, and they reflect an understanding of the cultural values of the students and community.

We believe that learning about each culture is the first step we need to take toward reaching this goal. In order to accomplish this learning, we are looking for cultural resource volunteers to teach us about cultures in our Bethel and school community. Cultural resource volunteers will be asked to present information, share photos and videos, show realia (cultural items), and share popular or traditional foods (hopefully finger foods or desserts) from their heritage country or region. There are more topics listed below for ideas.

  • Would you be willing to assist us as a cultural resource volunteer for our Cultural Day on January 11, 2020
  • Do you know of others with cultural knowledge who may be available to help us learn about your heritage culture? 
  • Can you meet at 5:30 p.m. on December 12, 2019 to plan for the event together?

Visuals we plan to present about every country/region:

  • Flag and/or symbol
  • Location on a world map

Ideas for other information to share about each country/region:

  • How to say hello in the langauge or other basic phrases
  • What children’s songs are popular?
  • What traditions are for celebration like holidays and birthdays? (traditions in general?)
  • If they eat fish traditionally, how do they prepare it? What type of fish?
  • What are the main staple foods?
  • What subsistence activities/plants and animals eaten there?
  • How is school different there? (buildings and procedures)
  • Toys and kids’ games
  • Cartoons/movies/shows
  • Popular sports, defense arts, exercise
  • Specialized vehicles / transportation methods/means
  • How do community helpers (police, firefighters, etc.) look?
  • What dances are popular?
  • What foods are popular? (snacks, treats, popular dishes)


Can we arrange/make traditional/popular food students can sample? (Desserts would likely be the easiest. We could make bite-size samples out of larger dishes by placing a small amount of the food into a mini-muffin liner.) The school can buy ingredients to assist with food preparation.


Buses, school breakfast, and lunch/recess will happen as normally scheduled on a school day. The rest of the day will be scheduled to allow each homeroom class to visit at least 4 different rooms about different countries/regions.

Homeroom classes will rotate through rooms in their grade level with their teacher. Our cultural resource volunteers will stay in the room where they present information and lead activities (see above ideas) related to their country/region. Each grade will have one period in the gym to share dancing and taste foods.

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